Friday, January 28, 2011

Making an Apartment a Home

When I first moved into my apartment, my bedroom looked like this.
After about three weeks I couldn't take it anymore and I spent a whole weekend painting, so it looked like this.

Since then I've added little touches here and there that have taken my room from four walls were I can hang my hat and crash at night, to a space that is homey, inviting, and - dare I say it? - stylish.

My room is completely a reflection of me. My tastes, my preferences. My personality. The process of transforming this big empty space into a physical expression of who I am has been so much fun, and I'm nowhere near done yet!
I thought I'd share some of my favorite parts of my room with you here:

Amazing lamp I bought in Perugia. On my way to meet my friends at a bar one night, and already three sheets to the wind, I passed a street vendor selling these lamps. The best 20 euro I ever spent.

Pretty candles!

Candle, sketches, a tin from Barcelona filled with (fake) peonies, amazing vase with peacock feathers all sitting pretty on top of my bookcase.

And in my bookcase? My babies. This is only half of one shelf.

Amazing family photos. Both of my grandfathers on the left, and my parents when they were my age on the right.

A ridiculous and disturbing picture Hannah drew me of a dream she had once.

Fabulous ottoman I bought for about 30 dollars that I use as a seat at my desk rather than a traditional chair.

My favorite quotes written on colorful paper fluttering on the wall above my desk.

Put it all together and the effect is quite lovely, no?

I still have a ways to go. First on the list is to find something to fill that big empty space between my dresser and my bookcase! But, all in all, I'm very happy with what I've done so far.

How did you turn your bedroom/apartment/house from a blank canvas into a home?

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