Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Asparagus & Poached Eggs

You know those nights were you're just not hungry? Its dinner time, and you know you should eat something, but you're not really that hungry and the only thing that sounds remotely appealing to you is ice cream. That was my night tonight.

And then I thought instead of eating 4,000 calories worth of Ben & Jerry's, why not make a simple yet delicious dinner that's actually good for me? One that's elegant and not too filling. Oh, and that will photograph beautifully.
Done aaaaand done.

Put a pot of water on to boil with a splash of white vinegar in it.* Then take some fresh asparagus spears and coat them with olive oil, salt and pepper. Throw those bad boys on your George Foreman and let them grill.

When the water has reached a rolling boil, turn the temperature down so it's more gentle. Crack in two eggs and leave them be. Do not touch them. Do not stir the water. For Three. Whole. Minutes. It's hard, trust me, but I know you can do it.

Arrange those beautiful asparagus spears on a pretty plate, and use a slotted spoon to gently take your eggs out of the water and place on top of the asparagus. Top with a little more salt and pepper and perhaps some shaved Parmesan.

I mean can we just take a moment to admire this little beauty?

Delicious, nutricious, and oh so gorgeous.
I can't wait to make this as a salad for a dinner party or ladies luncheon (because, you know, I do those kinds of things all the time).

What's your easy, go-to weekday dinner?

*I never really knew why you had to put vinegar in the water when you make poached eggs. My mom and my grandmothers always did it, and I just thought it was one of those things you did - like throwing salt over your shoulder or not leaving a loaf of bread upside down on your counter. Turns out it actually serves a purpose. The vinegar helps the egg keep its shape by causing the outer layer to congeal more quickly. Who knew!

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