Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Bachelor: Week III

No big surprises here this week, kids. It's alright. Can't be drama drama drama every single week.

The first one-on-one date was with Pollyanna (Ashley S). She's such a sweetheart. I like her. I want to be friends with her. But what the fuck is going on here? I feel so uncomfortable watching them together. She looks so young compared to him. Not quite father-daughter, but maybe older uncle and young niece. It really freaks me out. Also, her favorite song is "Kiss From a Rose?" How convenient!

ANOTHER movie date?! Be still my heart. I can't lie - I would love to film a bad ass action movie. How fun! Other than that, the group date was boring and predictable. The Preying Mantis was crazy, the other girls cried, and everyone has Daddy issues. Same old, same old.

Miss Emily O'Hara got the other one-on-one and I realized an undeniable truth about our southern belle - she has Chiclet teeth. Moving on. I found it moving when she told the girls her story. I think that's the most real we've seen her yet and it was refreshing. How awful and unintentionally hilarious was it that Brad took her up in a private plane?! Oooohhh the irony! Their date went well and I'm glad she told him her story too. Brad was right, you could literally see the weight lift off her shoulders. It was sweet how breathless Brad sounded after he kissed her! But did anyone else notice they were sitting in a barn full of hay and lit candles?

Fangs. I'd love to think she was being sincere. That she meant what she said: "How can I take a man I want from someone who needs him?" But I can't help but think she just realized there was nothing there and would rather go out with a bang than simply get eliminated.

What surprised me the most was Brad's little therapy session. And while I felt mostly disgusted (because I know how intensely personal those sessions can be - ABC really will stop at nothing, huh?), I was also captivated by what they were discussing. About the walls he puts up, how he needs to unlock space within himself for a women to be comfortable, how he has to be vulnerable if he ever wants to be truly happy. About how scared he is to do all of these things.
And so I leave you with a question - do you think that is possible?
Do you think it's possible to be so scared of something good, potentially wonderful, that you'll close up and run in the other direction?

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