Monday, January 18, 2010

Playing Catch-up

Hi everyone! Happy MLK Day. For those of you that have the day off (like me!), I hope you're enjoying yourself and getting a chance to relax. For those of you that have to work...I'll be thinking of you fondly as I lounge on my couch.

Sorry I've been pretty absent this past week - things were crazy! Last week was my first week of class. I haven't been in classes since last spring, and being back in the swing of things is definitely taking some getting used to. It was also the first week that I had both classes and work. It wasn't very difficult going straight from class to The Improper but, again, it was an adjustment. I made it through the week though, and now that I've got my schedule all figured out I know I'll be able to prioritize my time accordingly, making room for work, school work, BLOGGING, friends, etc.

In other news, Ashley and I finished our bartending course yesterday and are now certified bartenders! Look out, Boston. I had an absolute blast and I really cannot say enough about DrinkMasters. I learned so much and left feeling confident about my abilities as a bartender. I'm excited to go out and find a job!

Since I have the day off, my plan is to catch up on all of the things I let slide last week. I have a little bit of work to do for school, my room and apartment need cleaning, I need to do some grocery shopping, and - most important of all - my blog needs tending to! So sit tight and I'll have some fun new posts up soon. :)

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