Friday, January 8, 2010

My Celebrity Doppelgänger

It all started a little over two years ago at a company holiday party. During dinner I was seated next to my co-worker's wife, Corrinne. We had met briefly before, but that night was the first time we'd ever talked in depth. All throughout the cocktail hour I kept noticing her giving me these strange, sideways glances. It was making me paranoid! I couldn't figure out what she was looking at. Did I have something on my face or in my teeth? Maybe my bra was peeking out of my dress or something?

Finally, half way through dinner, she posed the question that has come to be infamous in my life: "Do you ever watch The Sopranos?" She proceeded to go on for about 5 minutes about how much I look like Meadow Soprano (played by Jamie Lynn Sigler). Never having watched The Sopranos before, I just nodded and smiled and said thanks, thinking, "I need to remember to google her tomorrow!" Google her I did and while I was happy with the comparison (come on, the girl is GORGEOUS!), I didn't really see the resemblance.

That little conversation somehow set off a chain reaction in my universe because since that day I have been approached more times than I can count (we're talking once a month, on average), with "Do you ever watch...", "Have you ever seen...", "Has anyone ever told you...", "Do you know who Jamie Lynn Sigler is
?" People will go out of their way to come up to me and tell me how much I look like her. I've gotten double and tripple takes, followed by laughter and, "Oh my god! I thought you were Meadow Soprano!"

Last night was one of the funniest occurrences of the Jamie Lynn Effect I've had in a while. Walking home after grabbing a few beers with my roommates, we decided to stop in our neighborhood pizza joint for a couple slices. We started chatting with the three guys behind us when suddenly, out of nowhere, the guy standing next to me snapped his head towards me and said abruptly, "So how many Sopranos references do you get?" LOVE IT! There wasn't even any build up to the question! To him, I look so much like her that it was just assumed that people ask me about it all the time. What's even funnier is that my first th
ought was, "How does he know I'm Italian? And why is he associating my family with the mafia?"

Obviously I'm an albino compared to her, but what do you think?
Are Jamie and I long lost sisters?
And has anyone ever stopped you to tell you how much you look like a celebrity?

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