Monday, January 4, 2010

The G-Spot: Fact, Fiction, or the Greatest Myth Ever?

Today's post is a tad risque, but hey let's spice things up just a little bit! I just read this really interesting article about a UK study that determined that the g-spot, that infamous, elusive female erogenous zone, does not actually exist. Check it out here:

I know we've all thought it at one time or another, but...what! A study at King's College London of almost 2,000 women between the ages of 23 and 83 found that the g-spot is more t
han likely a figment of women's imaginations that has been encouraged by magazines and sex therapists. Not everyone agrees with the findings, however. Sexologist Professor Beverly Whipple who first popularized the idea of the g-spot in the 1980s says that this study is flawed and that she's certain that the erogenous zone does in fact exist

I'll be honest, I've never found it. At least I don't think I have. And everything you read in Cosmo (that lovely ladies' bible) says that when you find it you'll definitely know. All of that work just to read now that I've been searching for something that might not actually exist. But you know what? BIG DEAL! I don't care. I've had some great times searching for it. So many good times that the fact that I haven't found it yet doesn't really matter. For me, the so-called myth of the g-spot has been realized in the search for it.
It's all about the journey, right?

What do you ladies think... Have you had any luck pinpointing the your g-spot? What are your thoughts on this study?

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