Friday, May 28, 2010


Yes. I was one of those girls. One of those girls who got dressed up and went out to dinner with my friends. Had cocktails and talked about how fabulous we are. And then went to the midnight showing of Sex & the City 2.

One: I love that poster. It's seriously great. So fierce. And combined with the tag line "Carrie On," it's genius as far as I'm concerned. As for the actual movie itself...well, read on.

To be honest, I only started watching the series within the last two years. I didn't see the first movie until months after it came out, but I love it. My roommates and I watch it pretty often and it never fails to entertain me.
While everyone ends up happy in the end, the movie had some pretty serious undertones, as it dealt with infidelity, divorce, loneliness and heartbreak. I liked each of the character's story lines and seeing the way their characters grew and changed throughout the movie as they dealt with what was being thrown at them. And the clothes. I die. Even though we had to endure Jennifer Hudson's horrendous "acting", I think it's a great movie.

As for Sex and the City 2..
.literally nothing of importance happens and, most of the time, it's kind of nonsensical. That being said, I loved it just as much as the first movie. It was a campy, ridiculous, wonderful piece of fluff. No real substance, but that doesn't stop it from being a lot of fun. If you love the series and these characters, then you'll love this movie. Samantha was at her raunchy best and the new, fun Miranda was hysterical. Yes, Aiden and Carrie kiss, but never for one second do you actually believe there is any danger of Big breaking up with her. The man buys her a huge-ass diamond, for Christ's sake! (See? Nonsensical). The only thing negative I have to say - and it's not really a negative - is that these ladies are finally starting to show their age. I noticed it more when they tried to give the ladies dramatic makeup (namely Carrie and Samantha), because when they were wearing more natural makeup they looked so much better.

One of the friends I went with said that she's been hearing rumors about a third SATC movie. I will gladly pay and go to the midnight showing of that one, too! Every great group of characters needs a trilogy, right? Star Wars (ok, I know there are actually six, but work with me),
Indiana Jones (I know...), The Matrix, LOTR... don't our girls deserve to become part of that special group?

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