Thursday, May 20, 2010


I can't stand Rachel Ray.

I mean it. Everything from her voice to the stupid clothes she wears (I mean seriously, who is styling that woman?) - I just can't stand her. I get her appeal. Making a tasty meal in less than 30 minutes isn't the easiest feat, but come's not friggin' rocket science. And, even worse than her nails on a chalkboard voice, are the recipes she makes. Where does she come up with this shit?! I swear half the time it's like she opens her fridge, scoops all of the things that have been sitting in there that she doesn't know what to do with, and throws them in a pan. But because she talks really loudly and drizzles "EVOO" over it, it's all good. The fact that this woman has her own talk show is honestly mind boggling to me.

Another reason I dislike her has to do with my friend Dani. Dani is a talented musician, songwriter, and all-around adorable girl. She and her friend wrote the cutest song about Rachel Ray and watching/making 30-minute meals, which they performed for her when she came to Boston for a book-signing. She supposedly loved it and wanted them on her show to perform it and got her people to get all of Dani's contact info. And then she never followed through. LAME.

I also confess that the times when I watch "30 Minute Meals," I do so in the hopes that just this once she won't be able to pull it off. Even if it takes her 30 minutes and 3 seconds, that'd be good enough for me.

Who do I love, you ask?

Most people assume I love Giada, and of course I do. How can you not? Come on? But if I had to pick one Food Network star as my favorite TV chef it would be, hands down, Ina Garten. Truth: The Barefoot Contessa is the shit. I love everything about her, from her show's catchy little theme song to her sassy bob cut and posse of gay friends she parades on the show. I also love her relationship with her husband, Jeffrey (how adorable is he?!) and how she makes him roast chicken every Friday night for dinner. They've been together since they were like 15! Too cute.

Even more impressive to me is her resume. Did you know that Ina has an MBA and was a former White House nuclear policy analyst? The woman is a genius! She never went to culinary school and is completely self-taught. And yet she is so humble about it. She never brags and never goes on and on about how she didn't go to culinary school (like someone else we know...). She focuses on the food and her recipes and enjoys every minute of it. She also has this sense of calm about her, and I love her dry sense of humor. Another great thing about her show and her cookbooks is that she not only offers amazing recipes, but tips for their presentation and how to entertain. Simply put: Ina is the queen bee.

Who is your favorite TV Chef??

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