Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Bachelor: Week VII

Every week I get more and more jealous of the places these women get to go.
Anguila, and their private villa, look AMAZING.

Miss. Emily had the first one-on-one date this week. No surprise there. By this point we all know these two have an amazing connection. I love that he broke protocol to tell her that he's giving her a rose and he wants her around. As incredible and romantic as Brad and Emily's story is shaping up to be, I'm growing increasingly wary of this relationship. There are spoilers all over the internet saying who Brad picks in the end, and it's not her. But the way ABC is portraying this story, I don't see how it could be any body but Emily. I can't help but wonder if Emily is going to leave of her own accord, forcing Brad to go with his second choice. Only time will tell, I suppose!

All I could think while watching Shawntel's one-on-one was, "What if I was on The Bachelor and he told me I had to ride a bike?" Let's face it, I'd get sent home in 2 seconds. Their date was super fun, but I just don't see any chemistry there. They had this serious conversation where they talked about how much they like each other, but their body language was so off - they were literally leaning as far apart from each other as they possibly could.

Britt. Ohh, Britt. The thing is, in a lot of ways, I feel like I understand her completely. I'm right there with her when she told Brad that it's very hard for her show what she's feeling. I know from my own pitiful experience that just because you're not able to vocalize or show what you're feeling, doesn't mean you don't feel it. In the end, the connection just obviously wasn't there. I respect him for sending her home, but it's kind of pathetic how she had to leave right then and there on the boat. Even worse that she had to go back, tell the girls what happened, and pack her bags. Poor thing.

This week's group date was EPIC. I loved how Brad woke them up before the sun and how stressed out they all were. I seriously could not believe they got to be in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue. Way to pull out the big guns and bring the dramz, ABC! This was one of the dates were you tell just how drunk the girls were, at least Ashley and Chantal. I'm thinking that may have had a lot to do with why they immediately pulled their tops off. Christ. I've got to be honest, I thought Michelle was very smart in asking for photos with Brad. Brad obviously let it go too far, but I've got to give Michelle props for even thinking of it. All's fair in love and war, babe. Even better was that the second the shoot was over, Brad knew he was in for a shitstorm. The whining, the crying, the Michelle not talking - it was the worst, most uncomfortable group date ever and I loved every second. I don't know how or why Brad puts up with Chantal's crying. As I mentioned, she was very obviously intoxicated, but come on girlfriend. Control yourself. Your man's patience is wearing thin and it's starting to show.

Very happy to see the Preying Mantis finally go home. Her exit did nothing to dispel the rumors swirling around that she's an actress. If she really cared for him, don't you think she would have wanted to talk to him and know why he was sending her home. Especially when she's been so quick to confront him in the past. And Michelle has never been one to hold back in front of the camera. It just makes me wonder. Either way, I'm glad she's gone. Now it's on to the home town dates. Shit's getting real!

Final Thoughts: Chantal has some serious junk in the trunk. Daaaaayum.
Also: Enjoy.

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