Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Bachelor: Week VI

Drama Drama Drama
The claws are out and I can't get enough! There was so much reality TV goodness packed into last night's episode that this post is a little lengthy. Enjoy.

The episode started off by Brad declaring: "I am here with 8 women that I really care about." ...I'm sorry, what? If it's obvious to little old me sitting on my couch who Brad favors, then it's sure as hell obvious to Brad and the girls that are there. Let's stop the bull and cut to the chase, Bradley. I also found it so funny how, throughout the entire episode, he kept saying things like "What better way to fall in love/discover someone's true character/make that deep connection than to [insert insane activity] in Costa Rica?" Like it's the most natural, obvious conclusion. Let's not forget you're living in ABC's fantasy world right now!

Another one on one date for Miss Chantal, oooh lala! This girl gets the coolest dates. Zip lining in Costa Rica?! Incredible! She's very lucky that she got to go back to his place and just hang out. Brad had to pick his jaw up off the floor when she came out in his shirt, but my favorite part was something Chantal said. "I feel that...*thumps chest*...that thing you're supposed to feel." To which Brad emphatically replied, "Me too!" And then Chantal told the camera, "Tonight I felt his love." God, I know that feeling. Exactly. I feel so happy and excited for Chantal, like she's my friend or something. All the spoilers are saying she's the final one and I totally see it.

This week's group date brought the dramz as usual. I could not stop laughing when Brad used his date with Michelle as a tool to make Jackie feel better. I'm still undecided whether Michelle pouted her way to being the last one up there with him or whether Brad intended that all along. Either way, I gagged. Kudos to Jackie for calling him out on the Michelle nonsense! And even more kudos to Brad for actually starting to call Michelle out on said nonsense. Finally. His body language towards Michelle is very telling. He's getting sick of her going off on him, especially when it's about Chantal who he obviously cares about. A final big kudos to Brad for not giving a rose out.

Ohh, Alli. Your one-on-one date was such a mess. Let's start with the horse back ride. You know, the horses that were smaller than the people actually riding them. And why exactly are there 2 babies following them? Too funny. Then that cave. No way in HELL I would go in that fucking cave. Have you SEEN The Descent?! I feel like it would have been that combined with the bug scene from The Temple of Doom. And then they have to climb all the way back out! Yikes. And, after all of that, they have zero chemistry. None. They seem like great buddies, but that's it. Their dinner was chem-o-riffic. He definitely made the right decision in sending her home.

And now for Michelle's midnight rendezvous at Brad's pad. I laughed out loud when she called Chantal aggressive. If Chantal's aggressive, then what exactly would you call this? Let's be honest, Brad could not have looked any more uncomfortable when he opened his door and saw her there. And then sitting on his couch, his body language once again revealed everything. He's over it. He was joking when he asked her if there were any other decisions she made for him. That one obviously flew right over her head as she started listing the order he should eliminate the girls. Her insane "remembering" of that conversation was almost too much. I think Michelle herself said it best: "I don't understand, am I crazy here?" Uhh... YES.

Now a question for you all. What do you think of Chantal telling Brad she loves him? I am on the fence. On one hand I think that's way to soon to be saying something that serious, however we're not in real life. We're in Bachelor land where everything is rushed and you're forced to make decisions faster and share your emotions more quickly. I appreciated how she told him because she knew she was already safe and so she wasn't telling him to get anything out of it. Smart. But do you think it was game play? As many times as Chantal claims she's here for love, she's just as competitive as everyone else. Do you think she said it to get ahead of the other girls?

Final Thoughts: My hair would NOT do well in Costa Rica. That humidity would be killer. And HOLY BEETLE on the table! I laughed so hard at Alli throwing a fucking glass of wine at it. Favorite moment of the night by far.

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  1. I haven't read your re-cap yet because I'm still watching the episode, but if someone says "repel" one more time, I'm going to reach through the screen and smack them.

    It's rappel. RAPPEL!! The only thing being repelled is me, because they are killing me with this!