Monday, February 8, 2010

Studio 54, Revisited.

I love musical theatre. I spent the majority of my adolescence/teenage years on stage or at rehearsals of some kind, and I love love loved every second of it. As I mentioned in a previous post, it's something that I'm seriously ready to get back into but for now I'm OK with just being a part of the audience.

One of my best friends, James, works for an amazing theatre company in Cambridge called The A.R.T. (American Repertory Theatre), headed by the amazing Dia
ne Paulus. For those of you who aren't theatre geeks, Diane is an incredible force. She directed the broadway revival of Hair (which I am still DYING to see) and was nominated for a Tony Award for best director. She's taking The A.R.T. in an extremely exciting, innovative direction with productions like Sleep No More and Gatz. She is also the creative genius behind a little something called The Donkey Show.

I had been hearing about The Donkey Show from James for months before it even opened, and I knew it would be amazing, even then. I finally got around to seeing it in November and I was NOT disappointe
d. The plot is based around Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and set in a Studio 54 style dance club. AMAZING! I know it may sound bizarre, but this glitter covered, polyester wearing extravaganza is seriously a match made in disco heaven. There are no seats at this show. You stand on the dance floor, throw back your drinks, and boogy to an incredible soundtrack of the best that disco had to offer while the show unfolds around you. It's hilarious, sexy, a little avant-garde, definitely rated R, and - best of all - FUN! I went to see the show again this past Saturday night with two friends who were going for the first time and they both had a blast.

The show was supposed to close in the beginning of January, but it's been extended through the summer due to popular demand. I highly recommend The Donkey Show. Can't recommend it enough, actually. I've been twice and I had a ball both times. Take a look at The Donkey Show's website for dates, ticket information, and a gallery of photos to whet your appetite. It's hedonistically fabulous and divine disco at its very best. Break out your platform pumps and best polyester jumpsuit and make your way down to Harvard Square to see The Donkey Show the first chance you get. Afterwards, you can do like my friends and I did - head on over to The Hong Kong and slurp down some scorpion bowls and get hit on my inappropriate men. Groovy.

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