Sunday, February 28, 2010

When Green Is All There Is To Be

I can't believe February is over. I feel like just yesterday I was staring open-mouthed at my roommates exclaiming, "I can't believe it's already February!" And now it's come and gone and tomorrow begins the month of March. In like a lion, out like a lamb - I hope. And since March marks the official beginning of springtime (and is host to that famously green holiday, St. Patrick's day), I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite green fashion finds.

Green is, obviously, the color of nature, and it symbolizes growth, harmony, and fertility. It's no wonder that this shade is so refreshing! I've also read that green is believed to have great healing power because it's the most restful color to the human eye. While green is sometimes used to denote naivety or inexperience (as in a "greenhorn") or jealousy (as in "green with envy"), I prefer to think of it as a youthful and determined color.

I'm not one to wear pastels; I really prefer more saturated, bold shades and green is no exception. There is such richness in a deep emerald or a bright, cheery kelly green. Green jewel tones can be quite eye-catching. The more subdued shades, like olive or moss, are perfect for a picnic on a pretty spring afternoon.

I absolutely adore this sea-foam slip from Anthropologie! I have visions of myself padding around my apartment barefoot, eating scones, and reading...I don't know...Jane Austin in this slip.

I love colorful coats! So many times people just stick to basic black or brown and in the middle of a dreary winter like this it's great to see a pop of color. I actually have a jacket very similar to the one above on the left. And I just love the little checkered trim on the sage trench coat. If an entire green dress, shirt, or jacket is too much, then go for a great green accessory like the ones below. I am seriously drooling over that necklace - how gorgeous is that?!

I had to include this chair - it's just too fabulous. I don't know where I would put it or what I'd use it for (well...sitting, obviously), but I want it!

How will you be incorporating green into your wardrobe (or home!) this spring?

(All photos courtesy of Anthropologie, Forever21, and Modcloth)

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