Sunday, February 28, 2010

And the Gold Medal Goes To...

I LOVE the Olympics. Winter or summer - doesn't matter, I love it all. And I've really enjoyed watching all the events over the last two weeks and seeing our country come together behind something positive for once. I really wanted team USA to win the gold in men's hockey. I really did. But I have to be honest, I'm OK with Canada winning. Over the last few years I've developed a real affinity for all things Canadian because one of my best friends/roommates is from Vancouver. Well, Vancouver Island...Mill Bay to be exact. I visited her a few summers ago and my god is that country beautiful! Anyways, she is a hardcore hockey fan, as are most Canadians, and she wanted Canada to win so badly. So I'm happy for you and your team, Han! It was an amazing game and I loved watching it.

I'm sad the Olympics are over - it'll be two years before we have them again! - but I'm proud of my country and all of our athletes. We kicked some serious ass this year. But that's not really what I wanted to talk to you about. Because I have a gold medal of my own to give out and I think it's totally deserved.

What I really want to talk about are commercials. Advertisers must have had a friggin' field day this winter between the Super Bowl and then the Olympics just a week later. But over the last two weeks one company has stood out to more than any other. And as much I love those E*Trade commercials with the talking babies ("A milk-a-what?!"), I've gotta hand it to P&G. Your mom commercials are the shit. I don't have any kids and don't plan on having any for several years, but I can't watch these commercials without getting all choked up. So the gold medal goes to you, P&G, for excellence in television advertising.

And, my personal favorite:

Now I need a tissue.

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