Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Home for the Weekend

Hello! I just got back from a long weekend at home. It was kind of uneventful, and unfortunately my brother wasn't at home, but it was still nice to spend some time with my parents. I was hoping my mom and I would be able to cook together (we kind of did) and that I'd be able to get some pictures of my dad making wine, but it will have to wait until next time. Here's what I did get to do while I was home:
  • Joey's Northside Pizzeria My Aunt Tara and some very good family friends of ours recently bought a pizzeria on the northside of Endicott! They've only been open about a week and a half, but they're off to a great start. They make fantastic Italian-style brick oven pizzas, traditional Italian pasta dishes, and awesome panini and subs. When I went I had the eggplant parmesan and it was buonissimo. The portion was so big, I ended up eating the other half for lunch the next day!
  • Drunk Scrabble Alright, so we weren't drunk, but we were at a bar. One of my best friend's Ryan used to work at neighborhood restaurant/bar in high school and college and whenever I'm home I usually meet him and some other friends there for a few drinks. This time around we played electronic Scrabble on his iTouch and had some Jameson & Gingers. Great night!
  • Bridal Shower! Guess what -- my cousin Carley is getting married in April! She's the first of my girl cousin's to get hitched and I'm super excited for her and her fiancee, Paul. Her bridal shower was at the Endicott Visitor's Center and the room and tables were ADORABLE. My Aunt went and bought all of these antique luncheon plates and and borrowed vintage tea pots and tea cups for every table. The food was fantastic and Carley got some great gifts. I can't wait for her wedding!
  • Stuffed Peppers My mom and I made a huge batch of her famous stuffed peppers for my cousin's bridal shower. They're so easy to make and totally delicious.
  • Shopping! So Carley is getting married in April, and her brother, my cousin Kip, is getting married in July. With so many weddings coming up I need to get some pretty dresses to wear. In my family, we wear one dress to the ceremony and then change into a fancier, and more fun, dress for the reception. I bought the cutest dress for Carley's ceremony -- it's coral colored, fitted with a high neckline and a matching belt. And I love the dress I bought for her reception. It has an empire waist. The bottom portion is fitted black satin, and the top is cream colored taffeta with one shoulder that has an architectural element on it. Can't wait to wear it! I'll take pictures, I promise.
So that was my weekend in a nutshell. I was seriously bummed that I missed Harpoon Fest. Again. Seriously, how does someone live in Boston for 5 years and not make it to a single Harpoon Fest?? I'm awful. But I digress. I did have a nice weekend, but now it's back to the grind! Only 58 days until graduation. Ahhhh!!

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