Tuesday, June 22, 2010

T-Shirt Day 2010!

I love cute t-shirts. Always have, always will. So imagine my happiness when I discovered not only a day celebrating said shirts but a way to design and create a totally kick-ass tee of my very own!

International T-Shirt Day falls on June 21st, the first day of summer, every year. A few weeks ago, my friend Ashley told me about an event that Alibi was having to celebrate. Moments later she and I were talking via Facebook chat and creating matching t-shirts of our very own.
I went yesterday to pick up our shirts and I've gotta say - the event was pretty awesome. They were displaying all kinds of t-shirts, had great music, and food and drinks. I didn't stay very long, only one drink's worth, but still, I was impressed. And I was even more impressed with the finished product! Check it out:

Front of the shirt - a little Bowie inspired?
(If you need clarification on the meaning of Wallbanger, click here)

Sleeves - had to represent the 607!

Back of shirt (with my favorite number)

Pretty bad ass, right? I can't wait to get a picture of me and Ash in our matching Wallbanger tees!

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