Monday, June 7, 2010

Confession #2

I am obsessed with reality TV.

I think it started with the very first season of Big Brother. That was the only season I ever watched. Is it still on anymore? Of course I watched Survivor for a while, and the first season of American Idol. A couple years ago I was flipping through the channels when I stumbled upon the first season of Rock of Love with Bret Michaels. And I was done. That show was absurd in the best and worst ways. The fake hair, the bandannas, the rhinestones...Bret Michaels is still one of my favorite celebrities, and it's because of that show.

I'm loving Real Housewives of New York and New Jersey. On New York,
I find Jill amusing, but I'll admit that I'm Team Bethenny all the way. On New Jersey, I don't care what anyone says - I love the Manzos, and I fall a little more in love with Albie every time I watch. I also think that Danielle and Kelley need to go live on an island somewhere and let their craziness run rampant. I literally cannot wait to watch the ROHNY reunion tonight. And this is just part one of three...just imagine all of the shit that's going to go down!

Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kendra, 16 and Pregnant, The OCD Project, Tough Love, True Life, Hoarders, The Amazing Race, Extreme Home Makeover...

The Bachelor(ette) is a Monday night staple in my apartment. My favorite season so far has been Jillian's. The guys (except for Wes) were amazing, but I seriously fell in love with the bachelorette herself. Why can't Jillian I just be best friends? She's so great and wears the cutest clothes and seems like so much fun! I remember when they brought out the five extra guys the first night and the camera panned to Ed. I literally yelled, "YES!" and my roommates looked at me like I was crazy. Well, they're getting married, so looks like I was right! I'll be honest, this season's show is leaving me a little cold. I think it's because I can't stand Ali. For some reason she just comes across as very fake and slightly immature to me. BUT! I love, love, love Chris L. from Cape Cod. Here's hoping she sends him home so I can mend his broken heart!

And not all reality TV is mindless! I love medical mystery shows - Mermaid Girl, The Pregnant Man, Woman with Giant Legs?! - and true crime TV documentaries. I also love reality competitions where the contestants are actually talented. Project Runway immediately comes to mind, as does one of my all time favorites, So You Think You Can Dance. I am beyond excited that season 7 is starting up. The raw talent on that show is incredible, and more than a few times I've been moved to tears by the performances the produce. For your enjoyment:

I know I'm not alone here. What are your favorite reality TV shows?

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