Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hire Me! Please.

Whoever said that searching for a full-time job was a full-time job in and of itself hit the nail right on the head. Side note: is anything ever, really "in and of itself"? Anyways, now that I'm an official college grad with a my huge, shiny diploma (that's stashed away under my bed...) the time has come to find a big girl job. I actually have pretty great experience and the resume to prove it, but the job market is still very tough. By this point I've lost count of the number of cover letters and resumes I've sent out. The past few days I've found myself getting increasingly frustrated by the entire process. And yet the search must go on.

I was just sitting here, writing yet another cover letter to yet another position when I remembered something... I have a platform with which I do nothing but promote myself. This blog. And while I don't delude myself into thinking that many people actually read this (I mean, I'm hoping for like a dozen a day), I figure what the hell? It can't hurt right? So I've enclosed my resume below. Here goes nothing...

I am looking for something in the greater Boston area. While I believe my resume and work experience speaks for itself, I will say that I am looking for a position in the editorial department of a magazine or publishing company. I am passionate about social media and have used it both professionally and personally. I am open to any copywriting positions, and am also interested in PR/communications as well. As indicated by this blog, I'm interested many areas, including fashion, food, and arts & entertainment. I am very comfortable working in a busy professional environment, and carry myself with poise and professionalism at all times while still letting my fun-loving and enthusiastic personality shine through. I'm extremely organized and detail oriented, possess an excellent work ethic, and am able to multi-task and complete projects in a timely manner.
I will gladly provide writing samples and recommendations upon request and I am available to start immediately. Please contact me via email (domenicarose AT gmail DOT com) if you or someone you know is interested in meeting me with to discuss an available position!

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