Saturday, June 19, 2010

Scrivi a Giulietta

I just finished watching the movie Letters to Juliet.

It was a little uneven. Amanda Seyfried is not a very good actress, but Vanessa Regrave was just stunning. And I found myself caring far more about her character's love story than I did for the supposed female lead's. I'd give the movie itself... I don't know... a B? But I LOVE the idea behind the movie. The idea of throwing caution to the wind and taking a second chance, no matter what. The idea that true love does not fade. And I love, of course, that it was set in Italy. I loved hearing the bits of dialogue in Italian and the beautiful Italian countryside. For me, it made the movie seem a little like a fairytale (which it kind of was).

I've actually been to Verona. This was years ago, before I had a digital camera, when I did an exchange program in high school. My host family took me to Verona for the afternoon, and while we didn't do much sight-seeing they did take me to La Casa di Giulietta. It was pretty crowded when I was there, and I wasn't able to get up to the balcony myself, but it really is just as amazing in real life. A narrow, damp archway opens into a sunny brick courtyard. The walls are lined with graffiti and love notes in every langauge. And in the far corner stands a bronze statue of Juliet. You'll notice that while most of the statue is bright and shiny, both of her breasts are dull and matte. For good luck in love, you must grab her breasts and you'll see many people taking pictures doing just that.

After watching Letters to Juliet, I did a little research. I was only in Verona at Juliet's house for a few hours, and I was in awe of the amount of letters and tokens left there. I never thought about what would happen to them when the day was over. It turns out there actually is something called The Juliet Club. They answer all of the letters and notes left in Juliet's courtyard, giving advice and support, and maintaining the legend of Romeo & Juliet. How amazing is that?! One of the coolest parts is that you don't even have to visit Verona to have Juliet respond. You can simply write her at this address:

Club di Giulietta
via Galilei 3
37100 Verona, Italy

While I've never fully understood why you'd want to seek advice from a girl who ended up committing suicide (next to the body of her dead boyfriend), that's not going to stop me from writing. The English major nerd in me thinks this is one of the coolest ideas ever, and the unyielding romantic in me cannot resist it. In bocca al lupo. I'll let you know what she says!

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