Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Fall Dinner

I've been working a 12-9pm shift at work for the past couple weeks. It ends on the 22nd, and then I'm back to a more normal schedule. Until then I'm stuck eating some weird portable dinners. I've been making full meals at like 9:30 am and bringing them to work to reheat during my break. It's not awful, but it's definitely made me miss being home to make a real meal. Saturdays I'm usually out doing something, so for the last few weeks Sunday nights have become my night to cook myself a nice dinner. It's finally gotten cold here. The leaves have fallen and it's definitely autumn, so I was craving a real autumn meal. Pork chops. Sweet potatoes. Yum and yum.

I made a rub for the pork chops with garlic, sage, a little white wine and olive oil, a splash of apple cider vinegar, and salt and pepper. I let the meat sit for about 30 minutes before I cooked in a pan on the stove top. The sweet potato I cut up into bit size chunks and roasted in the oven with some onion, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Voila! Instant fall comfort food.

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