Saturday, September 11, 2010


I had a pretty rough week last week. The physical and mental stress of moving, putting myself out there and the disappointment that followed, everything that happened with my little Sammy-dog... it was a lot. I took a metal health day on Wednesday. I just needed one day to sleep and recharge my batteries. And, once my reboot was complete, I decided I needed to do something to get all of that pent up frustration out. Then the perfect opportunity presented itself.


My friend Chris is turning 28 on Monday and he decided that he wanted to get a group together to go paintballing to celebrate the big day. Even though I've been wanting to give it a try for years, the idea of being pelted with paintballs was still slightly terrifying. But I did it! And, even more amazingly, I had a blast.

We went to Randolph Paintball and played for about 4 hours. They have a few different fields and organize all different kinds of games for you to play. My friend Deandra and I were the only girls there (except for one hardcore mom...yikes), so it was a little intimidating. My guy friends took it very seriously. They were all about strategy. My strategy was to get hit as few times as possible. It didn't work that well.

Just one of my battle wounds. It's protruding from my leg and turning a lovely shade of purple today. All in a day.

Now that I'm a badass paintballer with some serious street cred, who knows what's next: tattoos, base jumping, roller derby.. You don't know me!

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