Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Quiet Observations

Today after work I made my way up West Newton Street (one of the prettiest streets in Boston as far as I'm concerned) and right as I was about to duck into the park I saw something wonderful.

A woman coming out of the park walked passed me. Head slightly bowed, eyes cast down just the tiniest bit but shining bright as a new penny. And her smile. Wide and brilliant enough that even though her mouth was closed, her lips were stretched so tightly over her teeth that I swear I could make them out one by one. One hand was holding an iPod, but the other was up, lightly grazing across her collarbone. Pure, unadulterated happiness. Total joy. Completely unselfconscious and totally unaware that this girl watched her in awe and envy as she passed.

All I could think of the rest of the way home was that woman. What was her secret? Maybe she heard a song that brought back a wonderful memory and made her smile. What if she just found out she was pregnant and was on her way to tell her husband? She looked how I feel when I finally get that phone call from the boy I really like. Won the lottery? Maybe someone bought her flowers.

Does it matter?

All I know is that from the minute I saw her I felt uplifted. If someone can feel that happy and that good, well, then things can't be so bad, can they?

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