Thursday, May 5, 2011

Reality TV and a Bonfire

If you know me at all you know how much I love TV. Love it. Especially reality shows. God, I seriously cannot get enough.

Lucky for me, Hannah shares the same obsession. While I was in Wales she introduced me to an AMAZING British reality show called The Only Way Is Essex. I may have become obsessed. I maybe may have made the theme song my ring tone. NBD. The show is a look into the lives of a group of shallow, spoiled, and altogether idiotic 20-somethings living in Essex, England. In other words, reality TV gold.
And while Hannah's Welsh friends didn't think too much of TOWIE (that's what us cool kids call it), they were so intrigued by American reality television. This led to me watching all three seasons of Laguna Beach while I was in Wales.

Yes, you read that correctly. Laguna Beach.

I'll be honest, I never actually watched Laguna Beach while it was on. I didn't even start watching The Hills until the last couple seasons. It was hilarious to watch the kids on the show, mostly because I'm the exact same age as them, and their high school experience couldn't have been more different than mine.

This led to a probing interview by Hannah's friend Sarah, a Welsh girl who can't get enough of American reality TV (a girl after my own heart!), about what American high schools are really like. The most important question she had was whether or not we had as many beach bonfires as the crew of Laguna Beach.

Considering I grew up in upstate New York, I found this question to be hilarious.

Nope. No beach bonfires for me.

But since we were in Swansea, and since Hannah lives on the beach, we decided to have a Laguna style beach bonfire of our own. We roasted hot dogs and made s'mores - a completely alien concept to my new Welsh friends! - and huddled around the fire until it burned down to nothing.

Swansea Beach

Swansea Conservatory

It was fun. Freezing, but fun. But honestly? I'd rather be applying lip gloss at the Sugar Hut with Amy and the rest of TOWIE.

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  1. Haha, growing up in Orange County, I actually did have a lot of bonfires in high school!