Sunday, May 1, 2011


I love a good tradition.
And, since I'm a big fat hopeless romantic, a romantic tradition is all the better.
In Wales they have a lovely tradition called Lovespoons.

Hannah I took a walk - a very long walk - to Mumbles and while we were there we visited The Lovespoon Gallery. A store that sells and celebrates the tradition of the Welsh Lovespoon.

Each lovespoon in the gallery is hand carved by a highly skilled craftsman, most from a single piece of wood. It was absolutely amazing how intricate some of them were!

The history of the lovespoon dates back to the mid 15th century, or at least that's when the earliest known lovespoon dates back to. They were carved by soldiers and sailors for their sweethearts while they were away, by men for the women they intended to marry. Here's an excerpt from the pamphlet I received from the Lovespoon Gallery:
"The giving of a lovespoon by a suitor and its acceptance or refusal by the lady of his choice developed into a ritual of betrothal or rejection amongst the country people of Wales. The custom died out in the nineteenth century...but the popularity of lovespoons has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years."
The designs on the lovespoons all have different meanings. For example a heart symbolizes love, while a lock and key symbolizes home and security. Balls carved into the wood represent the number of children you wish to have and a knot demonstrates everlasting love and togetherness.

Of course I had to buy one!
What do you think?

Now I just need someone to give it to!

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