Monday, March 14, 2011

The Bachelor: Week X

I guess this would technically be Week XI since I didn't write last week. Then again there wasn't really a Bachelor episode, it was the Women Tell All. But who's really counting?

Let's just jump right into it, shall we?

Chantal meeting Brad's family was, for me, uncomfortable. My roommate Melanie pointed out that she sounded like she was on a job interview. She had just the right (rehearsed) answer for everything. The more she said how much she loves him, the less I believed her. She doth protest (or test(ify)?) too much. And seriously, is she pregnant? I mean what is going on here?
Another unsettling thing worth pointing out - Brad's twin brother looks like he is 10 years younger than Brad. How is that even possible? "

Emily meeting family Brad's family was also uncomfortable, but in a way that was endearing. At one point Emily's hands were shaking, she was so nervous! As tragic and moving as Emily's story is, I have to admit that I'm getting pretty tired of hearing it. It's always exactly the same. And WHY wouldn't Brad prep is family on her background? It didn't make for better TV, it made his brother Wesley look like an asshole for asking about Ricki's dad.

Chantals final date was, once again, awesome. This girl always gets to do the coolest activities! I was distracted from the incredible experience they were having by Chantal's horrible boob job. They are just. so. weird. Like two perfectly round, perfectly spaced orbs protruding from her chest. Yikes. Then Chantal dropped this little gem and I was instantly brought back into the moment: "If we can swim with sharks, we can make it through anything." I'm sorry, what? How is that any indication of strength of your relationship? I'm confused.

Emily's final date with Brad was pretty basic and nothing to exciting. Except for the fact that girlfriend was not wearing any shorts under that shirt dress, DAMN. If ABC isn't going to spice up their dates, I guess Emily felt like she had to. Later on when they were hanging out in Emily's hotel room, I really felt for Brad. He was SO nervous, so sweaty, and hyperventilating. He really put himself out there in a big way, and in way that he never had before. But I completely get where Emily is coming from. That's her daughter. Her child. If there was ever a time for her to put him on the spot and give him a hard time, this would be it.

And then the day we've all been waiting for. The Final Rose Ceremony. I think all of us have known for quite some time that Emily would be the one standing there in the end. I did feel bad for Chantal because 1) she looked horrible (funeral? Elvira Halloween costume?) and 2) she clearly had her heartbroken. But Brad was never hers. He's been Emily's from the minute he met her. Emily's dress was stunning and she looked beautiful. On top of that, the proposal felt, for lack of a better word, real. Which is a feeling that's missing in so many reality shows. I've been watching The Bachelor for years and I've never seen a proposal like this.

The After The Final Rose show was panned by a lot of people. I read so many posts online where people were saying how selfish Emily was and how they're not actually in love. That's not what I saw at all. I saw two people who truly love each other who happened to meet under very unusual circumstances and who are now facing the scrutiny of every bored housewife and opinionated college co-ed in the country. They're real people with faults and insecurities just like the rest of us. Their relationship isn't perfect. Just like all of ours. Watching them, I felt encouraged that love, real love, even found in the most unlikely of places, is possible. So thanks ABC. Until next time!

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