Sunday, July 31, 2011

ModCloth Wish List

I love ModCloth.

You guys already know this about me, so that's not really news.

I check the site multiple times a day to view the newest frocks, vote in their amazing Be the Buyer program, and add even more into my shopping cart. I have a wish list that's 5 pages long and counting. In my head I already own all of these items and I imagine all the fabulous places I'll go and things I'll do while I'm wearing a dress picked directly from my fantasy wardrobe.
I mean LOOK at these shoes! I die.

Believe it or not - and let's be honest, this is a big, fat NOT - summer is already drawing to a close. And while I'm enjoying soaking up every ray of sunshine my pale porcelain skin can handle, I've got one eye on the fall fashions and my (fantasy) fall wardrobe.

Fall is my favorite season by far. There's something romantic about a warm, sunny day that turns into a breezy afternoon and ends in a chilly evening snuggled on the couch with someone special. I love the leaves, the smells, the colors, the textures. Everything. And I want my wardrobe to reflect all of that. So here are some of the pieces in my dream wardrobe from ModCloth that I will own one day.
On a warmer day, paired with skinny jeans and ballet flats.

Imagine this one with a red cardigan, grey tights and my grey Mary Janes with the little bows on them.

Chocolate tights, nude pumps and this necklace:
And how pretty and romantic is this shirt?

I want to go apple picking and pair this dress...
With dark tights and these amazing boots:

This one...With a long, soft cardigan and gold flats.

This amazing motorcycle jacket (I am dying over the color!), over this feminine and flowy dress.

Can't you see it with long, gold rope necklaces and dark brown booties?

This gorgeous sweater dress paired with tights and calf-high boots for brunch, shopping and an afternoon curled up with a wonderful book.

How perfect for cocktails out with the girls, right?
Hair pulled up, sparkly earrings, sparkly shoes. Perfect.

Paired with a black turtle neck and black shiny patent leather pumps.
Hellooooo, Joan Halloway!

I just love the simplicity of this these little cream dress. It's just Pretty.
Yes, with a capital P.
And these. I mean.. I just.. Come on, it's not even fair.

Alright, spill. Which fall fashions do you have your eye (and heart set) on?

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