Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tangerine Dream

Oh my goodness.

You guys. Have you ever experienced love at first sight? I always thought it was an idea made up for movies and romance novels. But then today I experienced it for myself and I can tell you - it's the real thing.

Behold the object of my desire...

Yes, it's a dress.

An absolutely stunningly beautiful dress.

I love every single thing about it. The vibrant color, the gold embroidered embellishments, the deep V in the back. It's ladylike and demure, while still being eye-catching and sexy.

I found it on Lucky for me there is a huge Anthropologie about a block away from my office. Guess where I'm stopping after work tonight?

Let's get real, I can't afford this dress. It's $358.00. But I just want to try it on and feel it against my skin. Admire the way it pinches in at the waist and flows out from there. Then I'll stand in front of the huge mirror staring at myself for 25 minutes while I imagine a world where I can drop $358.00 on a dress without blinking an eye and all the amazing places I'd be able to wear it.

I want.

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