Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Duds

I am poor.

I need to remind myself of that constantly, otherwise I will go out and spend every penny I have on new clothes and shoes and be homeless within three weeks. Instead, I window shop like a mofo and make extravagant wishlists in my head.

But sometimes, sometimes, every couple months, when I've been good, I will splurge on myself. These splurges usually entail a lunch break shopping spree because I work right next door to a shopping center with a wide array of stores where I can do serious damage.

I thought I'd share a couple of the things I purchased recently with you, if for no other reason but for you to tell me how cute they are and then I won't feel so bad about spending the money.

Red chiffon top by Decapolis. Purchased from 344. It covers a lot, but it's very sheer which makes it very sexy. Plus I love the color.

Grey sequined dress by Moon Collection. Also purchased at 344.
Where am I ever going to wear this dress? Does it matter? The answers are, "Who cares?" and, "Nope." I saw it and I had to have it.

Last, but most certainly not least, I HAD to show you my new shoes.

I'd been eyeing these bad boys at Aldo for about a month. When pay day finally came around, I knew it was time. I've already worn them out twice and have gotten so many compliments on them. The best part is, because of the platform and the sturdy heel, they're super comfortable. I danced all night the last time I wore them. Which is exactly what shoes like this are made for.

The next time I go shopping, I'll be sure to share my haul with you!

Have you splurged on yourself lately?

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